1. Purpose-Built - Patented design cuts multiple layers simultaneously, including thick jackets, leathers and heavy uniforms like turnout gear.

  2. No Blade Changes - Patented, corrosion-resistant, Polymer-coated blade maintains original, razor sharp edge. Replace about half as often as shears.

  3. Safe - Pull away from patient to cut with minimal
    tension with a single insertion.

  4. Fast & Easy to Use - TRECK+ features new, elevated blade angle and optimized ballpoint guide.

  5. Saves Hand Fatigue - Single tool makes entire cut without constant squeezing of shears.

  6. Effective - Razor-sharp, heavy-duty, serrated
    utility razor blade makes easy and even cuts.

  7. Rescue Use - Handle with grips for use with gloves, bright color and ultra lightweight design. 

  8. Strong & Lightweight - Solid ABS frame weighs
    only 2.3 ounces.

  9. Convenient - Use with Holster, Sheath, Silicon Blade Cover or Carabiner as a carry item, or store in trauma bag.

  10. Inexpensive - Long-lasting, autoclavable, multi-use tool as shears, seat belt cutter and O2 wrench.

  11. Lower Force - Blade angle, polymer coating and ballpoint reduce bunching and friction vs. hook knife and other tools.

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     The TRECK is an alternative to trauma shears and seat belt cutters, specifically designed by EMT’s, Paramedics and Firefighters, to simultaneously remove multiple layers of clothing, racing uniforms, leathers, turnout gear and other obstructions from a trauma patient, without the use of trauma shears.

     With most articles of clothing and equipment, the initial cut and repetitive motions of squeezing the shears with your thumb and finger can be unsafe, tiring and time consuming.  Shears can and sometimes do fail, and ripping can be a mess or not an option with many materials such as leather.

     With a single shearless insertion, and by using your wrist and arm, the TRECK works best as you draw it away from the patient.  This prevents contact, and also allows the TRECK to slice through materials more effectively.

Access wounds quickly, safely and easily.

TRECK+ Talon Rescue Emergency Clothing Knife

EMT • Paramedic • Firefighter • Nurse • ER Tech • First Responder
EMS • Fire • Tactical • Sports Medicine • Military • Search and Rescue

  1. Carabiner Attachment

  1. Ballpoint to Blade Guide

  1. Polymer-Coated Blade

  1. Wide Safety Guard

  1. O2 Key

  1. Clothing & Seat Belt Cutter

  1. Blade Cover Included

  1. Window Punch Option

Easy to Use: Clothing is channeled to the blade with a new ballpoint to blade guide, which widens the effective cutting angle.  The Polymer-coated blade minimizes friction for easy and even cuts.

No Blade Changes: Replace your TRECK about half as often as shears. The TRECK uses a patented, corrosion-resistant, Polymer-coated, heavy-duty Rapid Edge® razor blade. The serrated design has 5 cutting surface layers, so it stays sharp longer than any other razor blade.

Save Hand Fatigue vs. Shears: The TRECK is designed to cut single to multiple layers, thick jackets, motorcycle leathers, leather jackets, wetsuits, hazmat suits, turnout gear and racing uniforms.

Safer and Faster than Shears